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RAF Air Cadets 
Recruitment Campaign

Created while working as a designer at Squad

318 Sale Squadron wanted to to engage potential new Air Cadets, and requested a pretty prosaic brochure (citing budget limitations). But I knew with an idea behind it, it could be far more interesting.

Inspired by the nostalgia of the cut-out model aeroplanes of my youth, the cover could be used to build a model glider (based on the 318 Squadron's full scale counterpart). By die-cutting beermat board, potential new recruits could construct and fly their very own glider: they were then encouraged to film their most impressive flight and upload it on social media.  

The inside pages of the brochure reference the humble, utilitarian nature of instruction manuals. As the supplied photos were from a variety of sources and lacked consistency, I turned this into a positive: detail shots become instructional line drawings, and action shots were printed as bold duotones (a homage to colour-blindness tests).

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