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Information Commissioner’s Office
Internal Campaign

Created while working as a designer at Squad

How can you make a dry subject matter engage people?

Subject access requests (SARs) are physical requests for personal information. The ICO wanted to create an internal-facing campaign for businesses, to communicate what SARs are, and how employees should deal with them.

The idea was to literally illustrate requests being handled. A bold, bright, graphic look was adopted: providing real standout in office environments. It also stripped the issue down to its core elements, simplifying a potentially complex and confusing issue.

Seven posters were designed that can be filled in with the contact details of the employee qualified to deal with SARs. This makes it simple to see at a glance, what to do and who to pass requests onto. This was done by asking the question, “Are you access aware? [INSERT NAME] is”. A toolkit was also created to explain the process in more detail.

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