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Hay Literature Festival
Campaign Identity

How can you create a campaign for a literature festival using the written word to create imagery?

Use words and letters as pictures, and get creative with glyphs. A logotype, illustrations and promotional materials were created using a range of glyphs common to speech, quotations and citations.

These were then used to create a series of visuals; from festival goers, to local residents and the famous faces due to appear that year.

The hero masthead introduces the idea with the glyphs locking-up to form a holding device:

See if you can tell who this attendee is ...

Poster (featuring a local resident):

A tongue-in-cheek nod to the iconic ‘I’m with stupid’ and ‘Kiss me quick’ gift shop memorabilia was also created, but with a literary twist:

This work was created while working as a designer at bwa-design.

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