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Enviroment Agency
Campaign Identity / Creative Toolkit

Created while working as a designer at Squad

Over 5.2 million properties are at risk of flooding in the UK, but only 7% of those residents are aware of the fact.

The Environment Agency needed a campaign identity and creative toolkit to increase awareness, educate and help mitigate the effects of flooding. It had to be simple enough to be used by local organisations with limited marketing or technical knowledge.  

I designed the final branding device, that utilises a bold blue line—inspired by flood lines—which unified campaign materials and carries the campaign message: Floods Destroy. Be Prepared.

The associated toolkit detailed how adding the blue line to a piece of communication could unify previously disparate output from local organisations, whilst also acting as a powerful symbol of the threat from rising water levels:

This video shows how easily a simple template from the toolkit can be utilised (with little or no creative knowledge):

When greater creative resources are available, everyday objects can be ‘destroyed’ when below the blue line, giving the campaign materials an emotional gravitas that previous output lacked. Here are some examples I created for the campaign:

Empathy towards more vulnerable members of a community could now be created, too:

Disunited local individuals and organisations looking to raise flood awareness, were now able to use this simple creative toolkit to became part of a movement. All via the striking simplicity of a blue line:

Alongside the master campaign mark, I helped create the creative toolkit and the hero visuals within it, which allowed users to visualise how simple it was to add consistency and impact to their communications.

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