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Children On The Edge 
Annual Review / Children’s Story


Children on the Edge (CotE) is a UK-based international development charity that works with the most marginalised and vulnerable children worldwide.

Its Annual Review includes an original children’s story that runs alongside the standard content. I was tasked with designing the second review, as well as concepting, writing and illustrating my story.


I needed to engage the audience with a charming narrative, as well as inform it of the key messages and core values for the year. This time, that theme was ‘education’.

A playful reference to the classic educational mantra, my story was entitled The Three R’s. The ‘R’s’ in this case referenced the three key areas the charity aims to benefit: nutrition, protection, and learning (each conveniently including the letter ‘R’).

As well as writing the narrative, I created a character to represent each value (a squirrel for nutrition, elephant for protection and an owl for learning).

An evil nemesis was developed for each character to face, thus creating a classic good vs evil structure. The three main (good) characters were illustrated using simple rounded shapes and bright, optimistic colours; contrasted with the evil characters that were sharp and dark.

I created two bespoke headline fonts to indicate where the story takes a positive or negative turn.

This work was created while working as a designer at bwa-design.

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